14 juillet 2006

Allons enfants...

I know, it’s not original to speak about July 14th on July 14th. But well, have no idea, so, here I am !

While I’m writing these lines, sweating at school, Gilles is at the Embassy, eating great food. All kinds of bread, cheese, ham or sweets… I know, I was there last year ! And I’ll be there next year hopefuly, as July 14th will be a Saturday !
Of course, I taught some French culture in class today. Yes, July 14th is national holiday, but no, it’s not Independence Day (yes, someone told me that !), nor Paris Festival (
パリ祭), as dictionnaries usually translate it. And no, Marie-Antoinette was not at the Bastille prison at the moment of its seizure !
It has also been the occasion to review numbers in French with the students : 1789, here is one that Japanese students don’t like to say ! NIARK NIARK…

Well, I leave you now, for a long time, untill I come back from France. Hqve a good summer, and for those I’ll see in France, see you soon !!!

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